2022 Bed Style Ideas

There are also high and low beds, which change the perspective of the room or make better use of its space. You can also count on classic or modern four-poster beds that make the room more stylish, or beds with drawers and chests, which are functional.

Wonderful inspirations come from other countries, with Japanese futons and tatami mats. And you don’t have to go far to find the beauty of iron or wood in the making of beds. You may also want an unusually shaped bed, such as round or stylized beds. Thinking about the impact on the decoration, it is also possible to use suspended beds.

But if practicality comes first, without giving up aesthetics, there are also built-in beds, sofa beds, and bunk beds, perfect for small rooms and apartments or beach or country houses.

1. Beds with headboard

Headboard beds have been very successful in recent years as they are highly decorative. Extremely versatile, the headboards can be presented in the most diverse materials, textures, and colours, harmonizing with the style desired for the room, in two different ways: already incorporated into the bed or affixed to the wall behind the furniture.

The headboards can also be highlighted by lighting projects specially developed for decoration. Another among the types of headboards that also deserve attention is the one with shelves and shelves, as in the image above. It’s a beautiful and striking way to optimize your existing space.

2. Beds without headboard

Beds without headboards are, as it turns out, those that do not have support on top of the bed. When headboards installed on the wall are used, beds without the built-in structure are generally chosen.

But beds without a headboard can also compose a simpler and visually cleaner room style, like the ones in the two pictures above. Simplicity has its charm, and you can use large pillows as a backrest if you like to sit on the bed to read or watch television. The absence of a headboard is not a problem.

3. Suspended beds

Always surprising, suspended beds are a decorative possibility for the bedroom and, certainly, an unusual experience for those who sleep in it. In the image above, you can see a wooden bed suspended by thick ropes, which have a very original visual impact.

In this other model, all white, the bed frame is affixed to the walls and ceiling, and the look is more modern than the first one, which was more rustic because of the ropes. You just need to choose which style suits you best, as there are suspended bed models for all tastes.

4. Canopy beds

Now a beautiful option for those who like a canopy, which is this structure for the curtains that are around the bed, very used in the past and that gives a look of lightness and romanticism. This model above is a more modern reinterpretation of canopy beds, but rustic, with darker wood and natural fibre curtains.

This other model, with clean and simple lines, and a light wood structure, conveys an ethereal delicacy, mainly because it is next to a large window. As the structure is simple, it is a good model to be made in joinery.

5. Classic Canopy Bed

But there are those who even prefer the classic version, marked by the large and comfortable bed, the tufted headboard, and the white veils gathered in the four corners of the canopy. More romantic than it gets!

6. Types of low beds

Another possibility is the low bed, closer to the ground. It usually has a frame or platform to place the mattress so that it is not in direct contact with the floor. In the case of the image above, the model is perfect, also featuring a border around the mattress, which looks like a built-in.

In this other model, the mattress is also placed on a low structure, but the difference is that everything is on a wooden deck at a higher level than the floor. It creates a second environment for the bedroom and you can even make drawers on the side next to the stairs to store bedding, shoes, and other belongings.

7. Futon and tatami

The low beds are inspired by oriental traditions that try to overcome the lack of space in the houses. In Japan, for example, a futon is used, as you can see in the image above. It is a set consisting of a pillow, a duvet, and a thin, flexible mattress, to be placed on a tatami mat (partly shown below) that can be folded during the day and unfolded at bedtime.

8. Tall beds

Another bed option that seeks to make the most of the available space is high beds. In the image above, the mattress was placed on a structure with niches and shelves on the sides. The niches themselves form the steps leading to the bed and the entire space below can be used for other purposes.

In this other model, the principle is the same, with the difference that the mattress was installed over and beside a closed cabinet with doors and drawers. It’s a model for those who only have one wall to put on the bed and wardrobe.

9. Iron beds

A very beautiful type of bed is one with an iron frame. It can have only the head in this material or the entire structure. The interesting thing about iron is that it can be worked, creating beautiful designs on the structure, and painted in different colors. It can also be presented in different styles, from the most classic to the most modern.

10. Rustic wooden beds

A very striking bed, this model is made with rustic wood, a charming alternative to the traditional wooden bed. In this case, it was the perfect choice to harmonize with the structure of the environment, in wood and concrete.

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