5 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Bed

When furnishing your bedroom, one-piece that deserves more attention is the bed, as it is where you will spend most of your life. If you want to avoid squeaks and other unpleasant noises while lying down, remember that a bed should be more than just a beautiful piece, it has to be solid and sturdy, with a width and height suitable for your needs.

1. The bed is the centre of the room


When they go through specialized stores, furniture stores, from the most expensive to the least, they always think of an ideal bed. Think of it as the centre of the design. When choosing the shape, size, and style of your bed, they should be aware that if it is the first piece of furniture they buy, that will define the style of their house, so if they believe it like those of the Egyptians of 1500 with many ornaments and fabrics surrounding it the rest of your house will not be able to be minimalist because it would not be coherent.

The sizes of the beads vary from the single, 80 or 90 cm wide by 105 cm long, to the King Size, which is the width of two single beds. Which one you choose will depend on the size of the room you have for her. Remember that comfortable is to have on each side of the bed at least 60m; 80 cm to walk. This short will be a little more. Think of the bed as the centre of the design of your house and if you are not sure, seek the professional help of architects or designers to be in the wave of a style like the one you want for your home.

2. Do you need storage?


Others, perhaps you readers, want a practical bed as a multiple pieces of furniture where you can accommodate your favorite books simultaneously as part of your night’s rest. Well, make a design that meets these criteria and both the built-in shelf and the supplementary tables in the bedroom must be in the same style. Also, remember that they do not clash with the rest of your house so that you have a very appropriate choice of the rest of the furniture. . If they are going to place some shelves or a formal shelf that the material is the same as the ones they design for the library or that corner they have in the study. Thus the practical bed is consistent with the rest of your home.

3. The furniture that will surround it

We consider the perfect bedroom to have at hand what each person needs to evolve daily, for example, those who like to eat a loaf of bread with jam or a cold taquito and a glass of wine at midnight. bedroom should have a cabinet that contains a mini fridge for the tastes of its owners; other more workers who at midnight wake up with a great idea that furniture should be a desk that combines perfectly with their bed and the accessories that surround it, so depending on the size of the bedroom they will have to think about what I need according to our personal tastes. The important thing is good lighting and natural ventilation apart from an air conditioning system that allows them to withstand inclement weather and sleep like a baby.


4. Size and Style

One of the main factors to be considered when buying a bed is the size of the room and the style of decoration you intend to use in the room. It makes no sense to buy a king-sized bed, simply because you find it beautiful and comfortable if you put it in a tiny room, where there will be no space to circulate or have side supports, necessary to make the environment more functional.

As lack of space is a common problem in today’s buildings, the best solution is to opt for beds with built-in storage systems, such as shelves and drawers, or tall enough to store some objects underneath (in boxes). An excellent way to maximize the available space in children’s rooms is to buy bunk beds or trundle beds, leaving more space for play and work areas.

Then you should choose between traditional beds (with a platform) that have the advantage of allowing air ventilation under the mattress, in addition to facilitating cleaning at the bottom; or you can choose box springs, which are usually purchased together with mattresses, are very economical and have wheels (most Box beds are taller, so measure the height of their side supports: they should have a size similar to the measurement from the bed).

It is also essential to choose the most appropriate bed style for the room. As the bed is the star of the environment, it must be in harmony with the rest of the decoration. If your room is decorated in a more traditional style, a wooden bed is an excellent option. For a more contemporary décor, choose a bed with more straight, straighter lines. The rooms with rustic décor ask for beds in metallic materials or raw wood with a matte finish. If you chose an oriental decoration mini-fridge bedroom, decoration mind is short, creating harmony with the chosen theme to decorate.


5. Mattress


While strength and style are the watchwords for choosing a bed, the choice of mattress should be guided by comfort. After all, your rest, posture, and mood depend on the quality of your sleep.

Purchasing a mattress that is not comfortable can result in sleepless nights and body aches. That’s why it’s essential to test it before buying. Don’t be ashamed. That’s what they’re exposed to in stores. Sit down, lie down and see if it offers good back support and is suitable for your body type.

There are numerous options for size, density, anti-mite protection, etc. Do a lot of research to find the one that best fits your needs. Specialist stores have a greater variety of models suitable for comfort and pocket.