Best Beds For Small Spaces

Furnishing a small 7 m2 bedroom with a high ceiling or a 4 m2 bedroom is far from the same thing. The first criterion to take into account when choosing a bed for a small bedroom is therefore the constraints of the latter. How high is your ceiling? What global space do you have? Is your room free or is there furniture inside? Is natural light coming through the windows and where?

You must ask yourself all these questions before finding a small space bed that is right for you. For example, if you have a good ceiling height, a loft bed might be a good solution. If you want to gain as much space as possible and strive for total minimalism, a Japanese futon might be better for you. Finally, if the small bedroom is intended for children, the bunk bed will be better indicated.

The dimensions of your bed

To be able to sleep comfortably in a small space, you absolutely need to know what dimensions you want to reserve for your bed. Indeed, it would be a shame to encroach on your living space or lack comfort.

To avoid these drawbacks, we advise you to opt for a 90×190 cm bed (for a single bed) or for a 140 × 190 cm bed (for a double bed). Below these dimensions, your comfort will not be sufficient.

The comfort of the bed

Just because you sleep in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t get quality sleep. This is why you should especially not cut back on your comfort, despite the lack of space. For your mattress, use a firm mattress, breathable and natural material (cotton, latex …) to enjoy good support for your back and not to suffer from the heat and humidity (two problems in very small apartments).

For pillows and bed linen, it’s exactly the same. Choose the quality too, if you don’t have space, enjoy sufficient sleeping comfort.

The type of box spring

For small spaces, we advise you to turn to simple, practical, and above all compact box spring sizes. The goal is for the box spring to adapt to your environment, and therefore to the space you have available. Go mainly towards wood, often thinner than metal. Also, make sure that your box spring is easy to assemble. In small spaces, DIY is always a chore, so you might as well not add to the difficulty.

The 5 best beds for a small bedroom

There are many different types of small bedroom beds. We present to you, now, the 5 most practical to help you improve your daily life.

The bed with storage

To save space in your room, a bed with storage is the best solution. Most of the time, this type of bed incorporates a mini-wardrobe, a mirror, and sometimes also shelves. This will save you the purchase of a cabinet and other furniture. The bed usually incorporates these components at its foot.

The mezzanine bed

The loft bed is useful when your bedroom has sufficient height to be able to sleep in height. In a living room, it allows you to separate your resting area from the rest of the room. An aloft bed is a great idea for setting up a small teenage bedroom, as you usually have room to put a whole desk underneath. The other advantage of beds of this type is that they come in a variety of styles. With very few means and very little space, you can therefore make yourself a very beautiful interior decoration.

Murphy bed

A Murphy bed is a bed that can be stored by folding up against the wall. When not in use, therefore, it does not take up any space in the room. It is an excellent solution for a guest room/playroom. The latest models of wall beds fit into very designer furniture (wardrobes or shelves). But, by their nature, they wear out faster and are not as comfortable as other types of beds.

The bunk bed

The bunk bed is mainly intended for small children’s bedrooms. The advantage of these beds, in addition to the space gained, is that they allow two sleepers to share the same room without embarrassment, at least for children. When they become teenagers, the bunk bed is no longer suitable. This is why, if you choose this solution for your children’s room, opt for a bunk bed that can turn into a loft bed. This will give it a better lifespan.

The sleeping pad (futon)

The floor mattress, otherwise known as a futon, is the small bedroom bed for those who prioritize minimalism above all else. With a futon, you only have a (foldable) mattress and a tatami mat, usually made from bamboo or rice straw. This bed is also a good alternative to traditional beds if you don’t have a lot of ceiling height in your room. Choose your sleeping pad carefully so that it offers you both firmness and comfort.


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