Different Sizes of Bed Explained

Having a night’s sleep quality directly influences your mood and is at your disposal to carry out the activities of everyday life.

Consumers are increasingly demanding in their choice of mattress, and to meet the different profiles, the market offers several bed sizes.

When making the purchase, you need to take into account aspects such as available space and budget. In order to choose the correct measurements for the mattress, it is necessary to think about the height and weight of the person who will be using it.

But after all, do you know what sizes of beds are available on the market? Follow our post and understand more about the subject!


It has different sizes: the crib is generally 1.30 m long by 0.60 m wide. However, measurements can reach 1.50 m long by 0.70 m wide. When compared to adult mattresses, children have lower density and softness, which brings more comfort.

Single bed

The single mattress measures are 1.88 m long by 0.88 m wide. There is a single king, 1.98 m long and 0.98 m wide. It is ideal for those who sleep alone. Its density is calculated for a single person.

Half double bed

This mattress is popularly known as a widow mattress. Its size reaches 1.88 m long by 1.28 m wide. It is an intermediate category between single and double mattresses. It is narrow, but offers more comfort than a single mattress.

Traditional double bed

The double mattress has the following measures: 1.88 m long by 1.38 m wide. It holds two people in a reasonable space, but is very limited.

If the occupant is tall, he will find it difficult to accommodate himself. However, it has two advantages: it is quite easy to find bedding for these measurements and the furniture fits easily in most rooms.

Queen-size bed

With more comfortable measures than the traditional double bed, the queen mattress is 1.98 m long by 1.58 m wide. It is a mattress that is more spacious than the common couple, finished in wood or metal.

The mattress has a structure to support itself, it is not necessary to have a platform – a structure that accommodates the mattress. Consumers may find it difficult to buy bed linen and other accessories and, if the room is not too big, it will take up a lot of space.

King size bed

Synonymous with comfort, the king bed reaches 2.03 m in length by 1.93 m in width. It is the most comfortable in its category, ideal for tall people. With an impeccable finish, it is much more refined and has long durability.

The big disadvantage of having a king-size mattress is the high cost of bedding and also the difficulty in finding them for sale.

Now that you know the differences and peculiarities of each mattress, just choose the one that suits you best and then relax!

Double (32)

King (30)

Single (18)

Super King (1)