Do You Need A Bed With Storage

The box bed by itself is a great space saver, in order to dispense with the structure of conventional beds and have the headboard as just a decoration option. When opting for this model, you just need to fit the mattress on top and that’s it, the bed is already well placed and prepared for use. A second option is the box bed, which has a compartment positioned under the mattress that can be lifted, providing a huge space to store what you want and proving that a small room can be much more functional than you think. Box beds are sold in two versions, one with a completely empty bottom and the other divided in the middle, which ensures more support for the mattress and divides the space for those who prefer to organize their belongings in smaller places. Size also varies by mattress; this goes for all models, from single to king size. Always check the room measurements so that the bed is comfortably positioned and leave leftovers for movement.

What to save?

This extra space can be used to store those thicker blankets, which are only used on days of intense cold, or organizing boxes of paperwork or household bills, which usually take up a lot of space and are rarely accessed. Other bedding, such as pillows and sheets, can be stored inside the trunk. It’s a question of creativity, but the tip is to keep the least used objects in the space so that you don’t have to raise your bed all the time. Think of utensils and objects that will be used every fortnight, for example, or that are too large in size, which would occupy the entire closet.

And the structure?

Lifting your box bed is very easy. The compartment comes with handles that have perfect fits for your hands, making the process even easier. The only weight found is that of the mattress, which varies according to the client’s needs. None are considered heavy or difficult to lift as they are made with a piston.


Like any box bed, maintenance and cleaning are required, as well as basic and daily care. If the material of manufacture is leather, it is even easier to keep the bed clean. In case the surface is exposed, use damp cloths to remove any dust and restore the fabric’s shine. There are also options for petticoats for traditional models, which in addition to decorating the bed, protect them even more from dirt and can be washed less often.

And why did they become a trend? We have selected 7 of the main advantages for you to surrender to this excellent bed option for your room:

1 – It takes up less space, because it doesn’t have that wooden or steel structure that will receive your mattress, and with the tendency of properties with smaller and smaller sizes, they serve the solution well;

2 – And the structure of a box bed is much lighter and safer;

3 – Carries a cleaner look and can even be covered with a fabric of your choice to match your décor;

4 – Their size is standard and by size, that is, single, double, queen, or king-size are standard sizes and so you can enjoy the same mattress if you want to change your traditional bed for a box;

5 – It has the option of being made like a trunk, and it’s a great choice to keep some things that until then would occupy a place in your closets, such as bedding, comforters, quilts, and even that suitcase you don’t know where to save.

6 – It costs less, and nowadays the economy is very important;

7- It gives you the option of versatility and personalization in the decoration since you can attach your headboard with the expected look of your room’s decoration.

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