How Do I Know If My Bed Is Good Quality

Choosing your bed is not that easy. There are a large number of different models of all sizes, styles, materials, and functions. Follow the advice of the bedding specialists at and find the bed you need to sleep well!

1. The size of the bed

What size bed are you looking for? For one or two people? The standard size for a single adult bed remains 90×190. However, it is more comfortable to sleep in a larger bed and many have understood this. The trend is 120×190, which is a good compromise for sleeping comfortably without taking up too much space in the bedroom. For double beds, the classic size is 140×190 , but for more comfort, it is possible to take a 160×200, 180×200, or even 200×200 bed! You also have to think about the length of the bed. Indeed, it is recommended to allow 15cm more than your size.

For example, for someone measuring 1m85, it is preferable to choose a bed with a length of 200 cm to avoid having the feet protruding. Concerning the beds for children and babies, the choice of the size of the bed is wide too. There are several dimensions such as 70×140, 90×190, or 90×200. For baby cots with bars, two sizes are generally available: 60×120 and 70×140.

2. The height of the bed

The height of the bed is an essential point to take into account, whether for your daily comfort but also for the ventilation of the mattress. It is said that the ideal height of a bed is about 50 cm. At this height, you can lie down effortlessly and your mattress will be much better ventilated. Indeed, the air will circulate easily under the bedding and will therefore be able to eliminate the water stored by the mattress. Check that the soles of the feet are touching the floor when you are sitting on the edge of the bed, with your knees aligned with your feet. If you can get up without worry, then you’ve found the ideal height for your bed!

3. The material of the bed

The bed frame is essential to ensure effective support of the box spring and mattress. Two main materials exist wood and metal.

The wooden bed:

The wooden bed will match many types of decoration. Simple and raw, it will give a very pleasant rustic effect to the bedroom. For a modern and Scandinavian decoration, white pine will bring a touch of elegance. There is also MDF wood which is a composite panel of medium-density wood fibres. This material is less expensive and makes it possible to offer beds in many colours. The wooden bed combines charm, strength, and durability.

The metal bed:

The metal bed is known to be strong, sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. Wrought iron is back in fashion and reminds us of the beds of yesteryear, for retro decoration. There are also aluminium beds since the majority of metal bed frames are made of aluminium. This material is resistant over time.

4. The shape of the bed

There are different shapes of beds to meet individual requirements. Regarding adult beds, we find different bed models:

  • The classic bed: the classic rectangular shape blends in perfectly with any bedroom, no matter the size and is practical.
  • The electric bed: this bed offers optimal comfort since it adopts the ideal position in all circumstances.
  • The bed with drawers: combine comfort and storage with a bed with drawers or shelves.
  • The round bed: the round bed brings a touch of originality to the bedroom, but you have to be careful to have enough space!
  • The futon bed: the futon bed is original, practical, and functional for a Japanese-style decoration.
  • The safe or captain bed: The safe bed is suitable for people who need storage space. You have to raise the box spring to access the storage space.

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