How To Buy The Best Bed

Width, length, and height, i.e., math and your bedroom

Take into account the dimensions of the bed for the bedroom. Measure the room and think about which furniture will work best. If you already have a planned space, you can choose the width of the bed. It should be at least 80 cm for one person and 140 cm for two. The wider the width, the more comfortable it will be for you. However, it all depends on how big the bedroom you have. It is much easier to choose the length of the bed, as the standard size is 200 cm.

Another critical factor is the height of the sleeping surface. People with knee problems should pay special attention to this parameter. Then the optimal solution will be a bed with a bed height of up to 70 cm.

Building a bed in a nutshell

Which bed should I choose? In addition to the dimensions, also pay attention to the design. Choose the model perfectly suited to your needs to enjoy a healthy sleep without back pain. Get to know the essential elements.

1. Headrest

Consider if you need a headboard. This element is not necessary, but it significantly improves the comfort of using the bed. So if you like reading books while sitting or watching movies, the headboard will be perfect for providing comfortable support for your back. It will also protect the pillows from falling into the gap between the bed and the wall, protecting against abrasions and scratches and still, hesitating? Don’t worry – you can always choose this item later.

Remember that the headboard is a helpful addition and affects the appearance of the entire space. This decorative element will allow you to emphasize the bedroom’s character without having to change the furniture. For example, a quilted headboard in green or purple colour will invite the spirit of Hollywood glamor to your home, and a smooth one in a subdued colour will give it an elegant chic. Think about the mood you want to introduce to your bedroom – warm brown will add cosiness, black will add timeless class, and green will soothe tired eyes. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

2. Storage function

You probably associate the storage function with sofas. These pieces of furniture, due to their dual function, require space to hide the bedding. In the case of beds, the opposite is true – most people cover them with a decorative bedspread after making them.

If you have a smaller bedroom without cabinets, this bed structure will be perfect. However, if you do not like lifting the bed when you want to get into the box, place it on a model with a slide-out depository or select the correct trunk. This portable container will not only provide you with space for various items and additional seating, but it will also look phenomenal.

3. Frame

It isn’t easy to find a more critical element of the bed than the frame, i.e., the inconspicuous ladder on which the mattress rests. This element, although invisible, is mainly responsible for your comfort. The best are wooden frames made of flexible, light slats, e.g., birch slats, which adapt to the body’s shape and react to changes in load, ensuring comfort. Also, pay attention that the slats are placed densely.

Have you ever been awakened by pain? This could be due to the flat surface of your bed. Ask yourself how to sleep well. Most people find it better to sleep on a curved mattress. All you need to do is attach a manually adjustable frame to your bed, and you will be able to provide yourself with additional comfort. When you lift the lower part of the mattress, you will make your legs bend at the knees and hips, allowing you to relax, relieve your spine and feel instantly relieved.

The main thing that is not visible – pay attention to the frame of the new bed.

The frame – a ladder on which the mattress is placed – has a much more significant influence on sleep comfort than the bed frame. Complete filling of the frame with furniture board is the cheapest solution, but also the least comfortable. Healthier for our spine are frames made of wooden, slightly bent, and connected slats.

– We should choose the frame for the mattress – points out Piotr Leżoń, expert Agata Meble. For example, you should not choose an adjustable frame with a raised pillow for a spring mattress because it could damage the springs.

– The spacing of the slats is critical. – The more of them and the smaller the gaps, the better. The flexibility of the slats is also essential. Some frames have the option of adjusting the hardness. In the end, you can consider whether we will need one that allows you to adjust the position of the headrest and footrest.


Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Leg height (cm) Weight (kg)
130 150/165/195 209/219/219 15 41/43/47