How to Buy The Right Bed

Nothing like relaxing in bed after a busy day, right? This piece of furniture is essential for a good rest and for the replenishment of energy. A suitable model, together with the right mattress, makes all the difference to quality sleep. In addition to its traditional functions, the furniture can also be used to compose the environment and make the room more pleasant.

To help you in this decision, the Home Diary has separated the main information to take into account when choosing the right bed.

1 – Calculate Space

Before buying, check the room measurements with the help of a measuring tape. The bed needs not only to fit in the room but also to leave space for circulation and for other additional furniture, such as a bedside table or even to open the wardrobe door.

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The ideal is to keep the furniture at a distance of 60 to 70cm from the wall and, in the case of a double bed, leave the two sides of the furniture free to facilitate the passage.

Also consider the width and height of the bedroom door and the entire path that the mattress will need to take, as, unlike furniture that can be mounted inside the bedroom, it will be transported in its full size.

2 – Choose the size

There are several consolidated sizes that facilitate and constrain this decision.

The single bed is 1.88m high and is available in models with 78cm or 88cm width, being narrower and ideal for smaller people. There are also the single Queen and King versions, which are a little bigger and provide more comfort for taller people.

The traditional double size is 1.88m high and 1.38m wide and is recommended for smaller rooms. Bed sets for these dimensions are easier to find and are usually cheaper.

The Queen size model is 1.98m high and 1.58m wide, thus, a comfortable compromise between the traditional size and the King size.

For those willing to invest more to obtain maximum comfort, the King size, 2.03 in height and 1.93 in width, is the most recommended. In addition to demanding more space in the bedroom, it also requires an investment in mattresses and bed sets, which usually follow the value of the furniture and are more expensive.

3 – Understand the models

Among the main models, two stand out: the traditional and the box bed. The first has a base made of wood or MDF to support the mattress, and also comes with a headboard. This version, being mountable, is also easier to transport.

In the box bed, the box is in charge of supporting the mattress, without the need for a platform for this. This model saves the available space in the bedroom as it does not have lateral support for the mattress or a headboard, being composed only of the box.

However, if you prefer, the headboard can be purchased separately for this model. It helps to protect the wall from direct contact and also works as a bedroom décor piece.

The box bed can come with an internal chest of drawers, very useful for storing bedding, pillows, or whatever you want. This functionality helps to save even more space in the room, eliminating the extra space that would be needed to organize these items in other furniture.

There is also the combined box bed option, in which the mattress comes with the bed. This version is more economical as it offers two indispensable items as a set.

4 – Select the design of your choice

The material makes all the difference in the product’s longevity. Wooden beds, for example, have high durability, which can delay the purchase of new furniture for a good period of time.

In addition, the bed is also a decoration. Currently, there are countless models of all colours and materials for you to find the one that best matches the rest of your bedroom décor. Harmonize colours and textures to make the environment with your face and, consequently, cosier.


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