How To Make My Mattress Last

Choosing a mattress with top-of-the-line materials will ensure the high durability of the product. However, some procedures can also help to increase your lifespan, ensuring all the comfort and safety for you to sleep peacefully, replenish the energies spent on a daily basis, and have healthy sleep, after all, it is essential that this happens for your quality of life.

Thus, we have separated 9 tips for you to conserve the mattresses in your home, ensuring more durability and daily well-being. Check out:

1. Rotation

The first tip is to rotate the mattress. It’s about turning it fortnightly, that is, the right side turns to the left and vice versa. You can also rotate the mattress by turning the bottom of the mattress over the top (legs and feet vs. head and torso, respectively), ensuring a better weight balance. This is because the human torso is heavier than the legs, and this makes the side that is leaning against the torso more worn out;

2. Use every useful area

It is important to use the entire useful area of the mattress, avoiding “preference” from one side to the other. Sleeping on one side only every day will wear down the material and springs, leaving you looking sunken and uncomfortable;

3. Do not sit on edges

Mattresses were created for lying down and sleeping. However, it is common for people to sit on it to watch movies or use the computer, but this should be avoided if done frequently because the body demands even greater weight in a single area of   the mattress when sitting, which can deform the product.

4. Don’t put it in the sun

Putting the mattress and pillow to “sun in the sun” to prevent the proliferation of mites, fungi and bacteria is a myth. It is not recommended to expose pillows and mattresses to the sun for more than 30 minutes, as ultraviolet rays can dry out their inner layers, damaging all the internal material;

5. Don’t put it on the floor

In addition to attracting dust mites, dust, moisture, and other dirt, placing the mattress on the floor can also void your mattress warranty (if the product is new);

6. Hygiene (liquids)

Sanitizing your mattress is essential. Using a vacuum cleaner is the most appropriate way to carry out this type of cleaning, however, if you accidentally wet your mattress, put it in the sun for 30 minutes – no more than that, as mentioned in item 4 of this article. Never use the dryer for this as it damages the molecular structure of the mattress foam;

7. Airy environment

A damp environment can cause dust mites, bacteria, and fungi, moulding the mattress material;

8. Children x mattress

In addition to being dangerous, allowing children to constantly jump on the bed can damage the product, such as breaking the bed frame, spring and foam sinking;

9. Do not put cardboard between the platform and the mattress

The layer was created precisely so that there is proper ventilation for the mattress. Therefore, avoid lining your layer with cardboard, avoiding mould and, consequently, bad smell.

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