How To Pick The Best Bed For My Bedroom

The month of we devoted to the bedroom and bedding. Because sleeping well is essential to be in good shape and to feel good, we are here to help you design the bedroom of your dreams. The centrepiece of your bedroom, the bed you will slip into each evening should be chosen with care, according to your desires and your lifestyle. So here are the right questions to ask yourself when choosing the ideal bed.

What size should I choose for my bed?

Two criteria are taken into account when choosing the right size for your bed: your comfort is essential! And the space available in your room. For one person, a 90 x 190 cm bed may be sufficient. Going to a seat and a half (120 x 190 cm) can be even more comfortable. For two, a 140 x 190 cm bed is perfectly suited if you have a small surface area. Especially since it is necessary to provide space for the bedside tables on each side of the bed.

A study has shown that going from a 140 cm bed to a 160 cm bed reduced nocturnal awakenings by 25%. The 160 x 200 cm bed is therefore on the way to becoming the new standard! If you have a large bedroom, do not hesitate to adopt this Queen Size bed, or even the King Size (180 x 200 cm). Your sleep will be even more restful! Note that the mattress must always be 20 cm longer than your height.

On the layout side, the bed should preferably be positioned in the centre of the room, against a wall. Make sure that you can move around your bed easily and have access to each other… so as not to wake the other up when you get up!

What style for my bed?

A bedroom is often a place of refuge in which we like to meet to sleep, of course, but also to read, watch our favorite show or simply rest. To feel good, the atmosphere is important and the choice of bed has a lot to do with it.

So start by defining the universe that suits you. Do you want a cosy room with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere? Choose soft, light shades that are more sleep-friendly. A light wood bed frame paired with a fabric headboard will bring warmth and modern character to your room.

If you are more country chic, adopt a bed frame in white wood. With sheer curtains, linen bed linen, and rattan and wicker accessories, every day you will have the impression of waking up in a rural setting.

Do you want a colour that contrasts? Everything is allowed! On a wall, we will favour the one who is back to the bed. You can also choose a bed that stands out thanks to its colour or design.

My headboard, with or without a bedside?

To give character to your room, the headboard and the nightstands can play a big role in the choice of your bed. Today, they are found in all styles.

If you like very contemporary and refined decoration, a bed frame without edges, without visible feet, and with nightstands integrated into the headboard could be perfect for you. Whether hanging or blending into the headboard, they bring a real personal touch to your bedroom.

In addition to being very aesthetic, the beds with integrated bedside tables are very practical. They offer storage and often have embedded LEDs, USB ports, or even induction phone chargers. By choosing a bed with a modular headboard, you can even adapt its size to the surface of your room. Everything is done to optimize space!

And for those who prefer an independent bedside, you are bound to find the one that suits you. Simple shelves, with drawers, cupboards, or even small niches, there is something for everyone. Just think of the bedside lamp you want to put on it.

My bed, with or without storage?

And to complete the layout of your room, know that you can match your furniture to the choice of your bed. List what you need to have on hand: books, clothes, bed linen… and adopt the furniture that suits your daily use and the size of your room.

For a small area, a chest of drawers or a weekly drawer will not weigh down the atmosphere. If you have a large room, a wardrobe will save you space. Note that there are also beds equipped with chests or storage, which slip under the bed using casters.