How To Style Your Bedroom

You probably already know that we spend an average of 1/3 of our lives sleeping. If we get to 70, that’s almost 25 years of sleeping!

And almost always, it is in our rooms that we spend this time, which can be even greater if we use this same place to study or work. We cannot neglect the environment in which we spend a good part of our lives (even if it receives few visits).

Creating a pleasant environment goes beyond the aesthetic issue, it is constant care that needs to be maintained over time, where the beginning is organization and cleanliness. So, if losing stuff in your room is common, you already know where to start.

The bedroom is a small world we created, make your own creative brand and have an environment you want to be in.

Let’s go to the list:

Have a theme

With the exception of very eclectic tastes, it is interesting to keep a unique style in the décor. It is not necessary to change the structure of the place to create a theme, you can define the style based on the colour of your room for example. The important thing is to reflect your interests.

This is of great help for the undecided, who will now have something to guide them.

Have an essence

Do you know that store that you recognize by smell? And soon you have some memory or feeling of that place (good or bad). This happens due to our olfactory memory, which relates to aromas and emotions.

And why not create this same identity in your bedroom? If this is a place of rest, peace, and concentration, the aroma will be associated with these feelings and, over time, you will create an environment that will unconsciously be related to good emotions.

Tip: for an environment where we spend a lot of time, the aroma needs to be something soft and almost imperceptible, ok?

Pay attention to the colours

 When choosing the color, we must consider the environment and not just our tastes. More neutral shades of green and blue create a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere, while warm (reddish) colors are more stimulating.

Tip: Switch between shades of a specific colour, or use different (neutral) colours and keep one as the central theme.

Conserve space

Get rid of the excess and have only what is really useful for you. Unnecessary furniture and objects only pollute the look and make organization difficult. This goes for any room, keep furniture and decor to a minimum.

Create unique walls

For those who want a quick fix without spending too much, wallpapers are a great option. There are countless customization possibilities, you can combine the stickers with personal objects and create something really unique.

To preserve the harmony of the environment, remember to keep one main theme.

Have a focal point

Another way to find a theme for your decor is from objects that have meaning to you. It can be something flashy that doesn’t adapt easily, so the best solution is to have the object as the central theme and create a complementary decoration.

Look at the ground

Perhaps what is missing is not the walls, but the floor. Rugs offer extra comfort and, with a multitude of models, are excellent complements to any decor.

It is interesting to have an easy-to-remove mat, in addition to helping with cleaning, you can vary the models according to the season.

Create galleries

A simple solution for organizing frames is galleries. Fill in empty spaces by bringing together important moments (not just frames) and creating different display formats.

Have life

Decoration doesn’t have to be just cold objects. Plants work for you, and the cost of maintaining them is fully offset by their benefits. Let’s look at some already proven by research:

  • reduce stress
  • Help in productivity
  • Improve air quality
  • Increased humidity
  • Reduction of temperature and pollutants
  • Decrease ambient noise
  • Influence on well-being

Cultivate small pieces of life for a total renewal in the environment.


Sometimes the best decoration is just good lighting. It’s no use having amazing décor if there isn’t enough light. There is no life without light, and there is no light without windows.