What Are the UK Bed Sizes

In the United Kingdom they have a proper name assigned to the different sizes of beds :

  • – Small single (individual pequeña): 75 cm × 180 cm (30″ x 72″)
  • – Standard single (individual estándar): 90 cm × 190 cm (36″ × 75″)
  • – Small double / three quarter (doble pequeña o tres cuartos): 122 cm × 190 cm (48″ × 75″)
  • – Standard doble (doble estándar): 135 cm × 190 cm (54″ × 75″)
  • – King: 150 cm × 200 cm (60″ × 78″)
  • – Super king: 180 cm × 200 cm (70″ × 78″)

Double, single, king size, queen size: there are different sizes of bed for the home and it can be very difficult to find the one that best suits our needs. Here we tell you what are the standard formats and what are the sizes of beds that you can find in the market, without having to resort to a specialist who makes one to measure, with the complexities that this can bring.

If we are furnishing or redecorating our room, we must consider the different models of beds one by one and analyse their pros and cons. Having a good night’s sleep is essential to take care of our health and improve our quality of life, but if we choose an option that is too big or too small, we may have more problems than solutions. Know the options and decide with information.

Bed sizes for every need

Most of the time the choice we make is closely associated with the space we have. For this reason, it is essential to know the measurements of our space in order to get the size right. In addition, it is important to evaluate if we need an extra place to store things, since there are models that include it and it ends up being a great help.

Knowing how long a standard bed is can be tricky because there are up to nine different sizes. This is because some people are taller than others and therefore most models come in three lengths: 180, 190 or 200 cm. In addition, they can be more or less wide. We tell you what the possible alternatives are:

  • Small: 80 cm wide by 180, 190 or 200 cm long.
  • Medium: 90 cm wide by 180, 190 or 200 cm long.
  • Large: 105 cm wide by 180, 190 or 200 cm long.

Children’s beds measurements

In addition to references for adults, we also find models for children. The most common measure for children’s bedrooms are the following:

For young children: usually it is a 80 × 180 cm.

For a growing child: if our child is growing or we see that he is tall, we can get one of 90 x 190 cm.

In addition to size, if we are thinking of furnishing our children’s room we have to know that there are formats that save space such as sailor beds or so-called trundle beds. Its dimensions are usually adjusted to leave more play space for the little ones.

Semi-double beds measurements 

If we don’t want a double but a single one seems very small, there is a solution: the semi-double. They are widely used in teenage rooms and respond to the desire for a larger mattress without taking up so much space in the room. This allows free space to locate a desk or a library.

The measurements are: 90 x 190 cm or 100 x 190 cm. That extra 10 or 20 cm makes the mattress feel much wider and sleep improves significantly.

Double beds measures

There are up to four different width types, which can be adjusted to the three most used length types:

  • 120 cm wide by 180, 190 or 200 cm long.
  • 135 cm wide by 180, 190 or 200 cm long.
  • 140 cm wide by 180, 190 or 200 cm long.
  • 150 cm wide by 180, 190 or 200 cm long.

The most used are the 135 and 120 cm wide, although some brands manufacture the remaining two and they have become very popular in recent times. It is also common to find larger models, called queen or king size.

Queen size bed

This size was born in the United States and was quickly adopted by the rest of the world. The queen size is large, comfortable and widely used in hotels. There are two different measurements for this model:

Regular queen size: width is 160 cm, although some brands try to go through queen 150 cm. The length is generally 2 meters.

Queen size full: this model refers to those that reach a width of 180 cm and a length of 2 meters.

King size bed measurements

Finally, we come to the most spacious measure. It’s called king size because it makes anyone feel like a king. The measurements of a king size mattress are 200 x 200 cm and two people can sleep together without even touching.

However, they can only be used in extremely spacious rooms due to their large size.

Super King (1)

Single (18)

King (30)

Double (32)