Which Bed Size Do I Need?

When it comes to mattresses and beds, size does matter. Choosing the correct size is essential to enjoy pleasant nights, and it is also essential in the aesthetic decoration you have chosen for the room.

The ideal size of the bed, which gives us the comfort we are looking for, will vary from one person to another depending on their constitution, height, way of sleeping, whether they sleep alone or as a couple, among other factors.

Colinear presents you with some tips to choose the most suitable bed among all the Ecuadorian brand options. From single to double and King beds, which have recently taken a leading role.

1 – Choose the bed for the person or people who are going to use it

To choose the bed, the first thing is to know who is going to sleep in it. And you will find several options depending on the person or people who will use them.

2 – Measure the bedroom to know what size bed you can place

Adapt to the measurements of the room, keeping in mind that the bed is the main element. Measure the area, make a sketch of the bedroom, and calculate the maximum size of the bed that you can place. Depending on that, you can choose the size, considering that it must be proportional to the bedroom and it must be located in such a way that you have enough space both to get up and lie down comfortably, as well as to locate other complementary bedroom furniture.

What are the available bed sizes?

Single beds, Twin size, or 1 ½ places: They are ideal for children and adults who sleep alone because they are single beds. Also, this type of bed is a perfect option to decorate small bedrooms and guest rooms. The most common measurements are 105 cm wide x 190 cm long, so they fit without problem in small spaces.

Double beds, Full size or two places:  This site is designed for two people. However, they are used like this for occasional nights since they can be somewhat narrow to sleep comfortably. Full beds are 30 centimetres wider than Twin beds, so when shared between two people, space and comfort will be less.

Queen or 2 1/2 seater beds:  This measure is similar to the full size, with the difference that it provides more space for the comfort of two people. If you are looking for a comfortable bed for you and your partner, it is best to choose a Queen bed. These beds are 160 centimeters wide, so they offer enough space for two people to sleep comfortably without taking up much space in the room. Therefore, if it is a small bedroom, it comes in handy.

King or 3-seater beds:  The largest bed size is the so-called ‘King.’ These beds are perfect for couples who want to get an optimal rest while having their own space. It is also suitable for people of large composition and those who tend to move a lot during sleep. It is also recommended for use with children to share pleasant moments with their parents in the same bed, without the rest of any member of the family being interrupted by the tiny space.

Super King (1)

Single (18)

King (30)

Double (32)