Why Choose a Velvet Bed

One of the oldest fabrics in the world, velvet has always been synonymous with luxury. In the mid-fifteenth century, the raw material became exclusive to the nobility, thus gaining a status of sophistication. Its popularization only came in the 1970s, thanks to a significant counterculture movement.

Later, velvet won the catwalks and, consequently, also became a highlight in fabrics for home fashion. Discover ways to make your décor more elegant with the use of material throughout the house.

1 – Elegant bed     

Velvet has the power to make any bed composition more sophisticated. To do this, just choose some pillows and see the fabric texture transform the environment. If you want a discreet arrangement, opt for pieces with the same colours as the bed linen.

2 – Velvet and gold for a glam look     

The velvet armchairs with a gold finish are on trend! The combination of noble fabric and metals creates an elegant effect immediately. To give even more emphasis to metallic details, opt for upholstery in dark and dramatic tones, such as burgundy, royal blue, red, black, and purple.

The mix between velvet and gold can also be found in ottomans, which complement various spaces in the house. You can use them as a versatile way of entertaining friends at home, in place of a dressing table stool, and even replacing the nightstand in the bedroom.

4 – Tone on tone     

You can take advantage of the texture of the fabric and make your décor with velvet using tone-on-tone as a base. So, choose a primary colour for the composition and complement it with similar shades. Take advantage that the combination is highly harmonic and use it throughout the house.

5 – Impact curtains     

The velvet curtains left the stage of the great theatres and landed in the decoration universe. Thus, any environment gains a dose of extravagance with the use of these pieces that, in addition to being beautiful, are excellent for blocking sunlight and making the space much cosier.

6 – Highlight in cheerful décor     

Many believe that the velvet decoration is only suitable for eccentric and luxurious environments. By combining pieces in solid colours with spaces in light tones, such as an all-white room, for example, you get a relaxed space with a non-obvious composition.

7 – A particular frame for your bed     

The headboard is an essential piece for the bedroom. In this way, it gains even more life when made in velvet. You can buy it ready-made or use your DIY skills to coat a wooden board with the fabric. However, when choosing colours, remember that they need to adorn your bed linens.

8 – Velvet on the table, why not?     

It may seem unusual, but the velvet is so hot that even on the most elegant tables, you can find the material. By the way, this is already an inevitable trend for weddings and promises also to invade the decoration of formal or informal dinners. Whether in towels, table runners, or even napkins, the material makes any event more sophisticated.